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VPS Hosting in London, UK

Lonex is offering you a top-class VPS hosting service in the United Kingdom. Check out why the choice of a data center location is key to the smooth performance of your websites and see how the UK data center can bring benefit to your UK or Europe based web presence.

Why Host Your Dynamic Sites on a VPS in the UK

The VPS hosting solution is a top choice for users who need more resources and features to manage their ever-growing demands.

However, when choosing your virtual server, remember to also consider the location of your VPS, because it also has a big impact on the performance of your websites.

For example, if you live in the UK or in another European country, choosing a data center in the United Kingdom can significantly improve the speed of your sites.

With Lonex – a popular hosting provider, you can host your virtual server in a data center, which is located a few miles northeast of London. This is one of the UK s largest data centers and it accommodates millions of websites.

This data center choice will help visitors from the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa enjoy much faster website loading speeds.

OpenVZ VPS Servers in the UK

Тhe UK data center option is available with all OpenVZ VPS packages offered by Lonex.

You will be able to choose a data center location at signup. You can choose between different VPS hosting plans offering different amounts of disk space, monthly traffic and RAM memory, as well as between three Operating Systems (CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian). The Managed Services package includes data backups, weekly OS updates, software installations, monitoring, rebooting and troubleshooting procedures, etc.

All you need to do is select the UK facility from the data center drop-down list on the order form. Then we ll set up the server you have requested at the UK data center.

Every VPS comes with an admin panel by default (the SolusVM Panel with the OpenVZ VPS packages), a FREE Web Hosting Control Panel installation and free dedicated IPs.

So, get the VPS hosting solution you need for your European-based customers at a low price and enjoy an outstanding 24/7 customer service.

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