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Homeowners Home Insurance Quotes in Texas, TX

The biggest investment most people will ever make is in a home. That s why it makes sense to protect the sizable financial investment you ve made in your own home with a comprehensive homeowners Insurance plan.

Your home purchase is an investment deserving the protection that only an experienced Texas insurance professional can provide.

Home Insurance Quotes

Basic Home Protection You Need

For Your main living structure

Other buildings or structures on your property

Your personal belongings – furniture, clothing, appliances, etc.

Additional living expenses after a covered loss.

Your personal legal liability

Special features you can choose for additional security

Replacement Costs Home Structural Guarantee

Replacement Cost on Home Contents

Additional or Extended Coverage Forms

Hom e Owne rs Insurance

Texas Coverage forms for Condo and Residential Risks are available at this time. Forms HOA, HOB, HOC, DP1. Fire.

Programs with Credit Score or Non Credit Scored factoring. Good or bad credit is not an issue with our new non scored Hassle Free HOA Policy

Your Insurance Coverage effected same day or following day in most cases.

We have coverage available for all Texas Protection Class codes

Mobile Home Insurance in Texas can not start before we have received your completed insurance application. For your convenience, an online application is on the forms page of the website. The form may be printed or submitted over the web.

Direct bill is now available on most personal lines.

If electrical wiring. plumbing and roof have all been updated in the last 20 years then you get a rating discount by using the first remodeling date as the age of the structure. Up to a 10% credit.

Are you living on 1 or more acres? With or without hobby animals you now qualify for our personal lines program, No need for a Farm and Ranch insurance type policy. If AG sales are less than $5000 year you may still go in our personal residential insurance programs.

We now offer $5000 of accidental water damage on a DP1 on a standard Fire, EC, Vmm Texas insurance policy for a flat $100 AP. This applies to a tenant or owner occupied.

Finding Home Insurance with Bad Credit

Economic challenges and financial uncertainty can result in undesirable dings on some consumers usual credit standing. Homeowners with Credit problems can still obtain quality property and home insurance through our Non Credit Scored programs. These are rated differently and often issued on special custom homeowners insurance policy forms rather than traditional policy offerings. Some insurance markets may limit their Non Credit Scored homeowners insurance offerings to an HO1 or HOA type policy for owner occupied and DP1 policy forms for tenant occupied rental properties.

Rental Property Insurance

Residential Rental Property Insurance. For Let? properties can be covered on DP1. For Texas Commercial lines see the Commercial page on this site.

Apartment House Insurance Program

For clients that operate Apartment Houses with between 10 and 50 units. This is a property insurance package or BOP type policy covering Basic, Broad or Special perils and with values of $25,000 to $2.5 Million per location in all counties except tier 1.

We provide Insurance for Rental Homes and other Properties including Building, Contents, Rents, Liability and Crime as well as the tenants contents extension clause. Risks do not need to be loss free.

Rates are very competitive with other underwriters of this trade group.

Texas Commercial Property Program

We have a new insuring facility that will accept most any type of commercial risks where the values are up to $5,000,000 per location.

This Program is principally for:

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