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Executive MBA (EMBA)

FGCU is not currently accepting applications to the EMBA Program

The mission of the EMBA program is to satisfy the need for executive education in Southwest Florida. The EMBA program is more than classroom experience. The program provides advanced management tools in a challenging and interactive learning environment that supports attainment of managerial and leadership excellence by participants.

Each academic year begins with a residency session on two consecutive Saturdays. Thereafter, classes are scheduled on alternate Fridays and Saturdays. The program, which includes completion of 12 courses, is completed in two years. The biweekly format allows participants to maintain full job responsibilities while developing and enhancing their management skills. Participants represent major Southwest Florida organizations and industries and are proven executives with years of managerial experience.

The EMBA program capitalizes on the faculty s collective knowledge and first-hand experience in executive education, and

  • is led by a seasoned core of faculty
  • is committed to innovative instruction
  • is centered on Learning Partnerships between faculty and participants
  • allows for individualized course design
  • includes experiential activities
  • integrates technology as a tool for learning and decision-making
  • challenges participants to explore and test their own personal leadership style

An area of unique and distinctive competency of the FGCU EMBA program is its faculty of Executive Professors. These are veteran Fortune 500 professionals who adjunct the regular faculty.

The first year of study includes a series of courses and experiential activities that lay the foundation for development of skills and leadership style. Participants will begin to integrate common business practices such as Finance, Accounting, and Economics into their professional environment. During the second year, additional course work in strategy development emphasizes the process of leading competitive organizations.

The Graduate Management Admissions Council s 2004 Global MBA Graduate Survey finds that EMBA program graduates have salaries significantly higher than those who achieved their MBA degree either full time or part time. EMBA gradates report the most significant changes in the number of employees they lead and in overall budget responsibility of all MBA degree holders. An EMBA program is a great investment in your future.

The current cost for the EMBA program is $39,000, inclusive of all tuition, fees, books, food, overseas study component, and graduation regalia rental (barring any increase in tuition as may be mandated by the State of Florida or the FGCU Board of Trustees).

The preceding fees apply to Florida state residents only. Non-Florida residents are encouraged to contact the Program Director for the out of state tuition fees. The program fee is paid in installments over the life of the program. Financial aid is often available to graduate students. We would be happy to assist you in your financial aid application process.

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