Detox drinks for drug test Do they work?

How to clean your system for a drug test ?

When you find out that you have a urine drug test up coming, you may get worried and ask yourself how to clean my system for a drug test. You regularly smoke marijuana or just tried it that one time recently and are scared that it may show up in the test results.

With urine samples, marijuana use will date back as far as 7-14 days but even a month in some cases so making sure you doesn’t fail the test is essential, especially if it means getting a respectable business position.There are different ways to pass a urine drug test what I recommend are cleansing drinks (detox drinks for drug test) if the test is supervised or synthetic urine if its unsupervised.

Even though marijuana is considered one of the lightest drugs in comparison, it is the most common drug that will make you fail a urine drug test .

The reason that THC lasts longer in your body compared to most other substances is because THC is fat soluble. The fact that THC is fat soluble will make it possible for the THC chemicals to store in fatty tissues that are spread across different organs in your body. After the chemicals find their resting place, a slow releasing process begins. So for the next week or so,in your urine will be small traces of marijuana, just an example.

To go through a marijuana detox before the urine test is really not something that would work. Depending on the test, it is most likely set for a close date, and a marijuana detox could take up to 30 days to complete. To rush the detoxification period, there are some detox products available which will help mask toxins in your system, real detox takes longer.

How detox drinks for drug test work?

Marijuana detox drinks for drug test are capable of masking THC in your urine for up to 5 hours. Marijuana cleansing drinks are usually natural and the ingredients consist of herbal cleansers, minerals, and vitamins for the most part.

Urine cleanser drinks take about an hour or two to kick in so it will not be that difficult to pass the test even if it is the next day. After you drink the urine cleanser drink, you will have to start drinking a large amount of water. Refill the bottle, shake it well and drink the full bottle again, do this 2x-3x.Basically, the water is meant to assist in flushing your system of THC and toxins.

As well, you should urinate as much as possible for at least the first hour after drinking the urine cleanser drink.

So if you think you will test positive for marijuana, it is a good idea to pick up a detox product to change that. The fact that marijuana can be traced back so long makes it even more difficult for you to be able to pass the urine test.

The best detox drinks for drug test are usually about $40-70 and just that serving amount should get the job done. Check ou my review of Mega Clean which is my .

For the maximum effectiveness:

  • Try to not to eat heavy meals. Veggies, fruits and foods rich in fiber are the best.
  • Exercise regulary and sweat as much as possible.
  • Drink lots of water
  • Do not smoke in the last few days before the test!

Not all marijuana cleansing drinks are legit. Some are just lame attempts of a company to profit off of unacknowledged people. However, there are some great detox drinks for drug test out there that really do get the job done.

I personally recommend Mega Clean, and Rescue Cleanse, both work (even for heavy smokers). If you follow the instructions, you will pass your test; I can guarantee that .

For heavy smokers (few times a week) with larger body mass (over 200 lbs):

For light smokers (once in a while):

Many people make the mistake of ordering detox products from Amazon based on their reviews. Let me tell you something; most reviews on Amazon are fake. It s very easy to manipulate their review system.

You can purchase fake reviews for a few dollars, and unfortunately, most sellers take advantage of that. Beside low-quality detox products, there are many fakes as well.

I buy Mega Clean for 69$ on. but it comes with 6 Toxin Rid pre-cleanse tablets which are the best drug detox pill in the market (read my Toxin Rid review ) on Amazon you can get Mega Clean for 20$ and guess what, the reviews are very mixed.

DO NOT order Mega Clean without the pre-rid tablets!

I don t see the point of saving a few dollars by buying fake or low-quality products when your job is on the line.

I personally tested many detox drinks for drug test on home tests and most of them failed. I also got tons of emails (hundreds!) from my readers in the last 8 months. Based on my and my reader’s experience, I compiled a list of detox drinks that DON’T work .

Here is my updated list (03.25.2017):

  • Jazz Total Detox ( 12.49$ on amazon, its a joke, what can you expect from a 12$ product? Avoid at all cost!)
  • ProTox Detox
  • Stinger Detox
  • Herbal Clean Qcarbo 32 (Mixed results, many positive and even more negative reviews, only use it if you have no other choice)
  • Absolute Detox
  • Ultra Mask Detox
  • Vale Detox
  • High voltage double flush detox
  • Rescue Detox Ice (Haven t tried it myself, based on my reader s reviews)
  • Prevatox RAPID 5X Total Body Detox

If you have smoked weed within the last month or so and you have a urine drug test coming up, it is definitely not worth making your life any more stressful and maybe even missing out on a big promotion or job in a major corporation because you enjoyed a joint with an old friend a few weeks ago. While it may seem like a dirty play to cheat on a drug test,sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Drink a lot, but NOT too much!

This is due to the fact that if you drink too much water, your urine will become diluted and it will look like an attempt to salvage the sample so you will be requested to provide a new sample at a further and likely unannounced, date.

Mega Clean and Rescue cleanse; both come with very detailed instructions on:

  • When and how much to drink
  • How many times to pee

They also give suggestions regarding food and exercise (following these suggestions will increase your chance of passing the test).

One other thing you have to remember is that you can t use marijuana while the urine cleanser is at work as it will interfere with the process. Detox methods are only a secondary alternative to .

If you are able to have enough privacy to open a bottle from your pocket and pour it into the cup, then cheating on this test can be simple and free for you, but you will be in big trouble if you get caught.

In closing, don t let a little bit of marijuana ruin your life. If you have made the mistake of sparking up a joint and you don t want to pay for your mistakes, then you should use synthetic urine or give for drug test a try.

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