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Clash of cars ^ Video

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Clash of cars


Legendary Cards

For key information about all cards in the game, see Card Overviews.

This underground mini-tank is always a surprise to the opponent! For 3 Elixir, he has a lot to offer: moderate hitpoints, damage and the ability to go anywhere in the Arena! He can be a quick mini-tank for smaller troops or easily sabotage enemy buildings, but watch out for swarms, as he can’t do much against them.

Lava Hound

A majestic flying beast that targets buildings with very high hitpoints but low damage. When defeated, it splits into 6 spread-out Lava Pups that can easily overwhelm, each dealing the same damage but with moderately low health. However, this tank is slow and expensive at 7 Elixir, and must be well-supported.

Night Witch

The sister of the Witch, she has moderate hitpoints, moderately-high melee single-target damage and the ability to spawn flying Bats — including two more upon death for only 4 Elixir! She can quickly swarm units and towers with her Bats, but is defenseless against splash damage.

Inferno Dragon

For 4 Elixir, this dragon has moderately high health and high damage. With his infernal blast, he can make crisps out of tanks and towers alike, and can even survive a Lightning! But beware of swarms and stunning electrickery, as he is shockingly hopeless against them.

Royal Ghost

A vengeful spirit is haunting the Arena! For 3 Elixir, he has moderate hitpoints & area damage and can become invisible. He strikes enemies and towers before they even see him and clears swarms with ease. However, he has a slow attack speed, leaving him susceptible to other mini-tanks.

Royalty steps into the Arena! For 3 Elixir, she sets anything on fire with her moderate hitpoints, area damage, and very long range! She easily defeats any swarm, and can outrange buildings with flair! However, she is fragile and slow to attack — her dreams are easily crushed (along with herself).


A powerful glass cannon for 4 Elixir, the Lumberjack provides high damage and speed with moderate hitpoints. He shreds tanks, towers, and even small swarms with his extremely fast attack speed and high damage, making him formidable whether on defense or offense. He also drops a bottle of Rage when he falls, boosting any friendly units nearby!

Ice Wizard

Everybody chill. This wizard has moderate hitpoints and deals low area damage that slows units for 3 Elixir. It may not seem like much, but he can stop enemies in their tracks, making him an invaluable support troop although a slow attack rate and low damage make him ineffective alone.

Dashing from one unit to the other, quickly annihilating them, the Bandit is a formidable foe for 3 Elixir. When she dashes, nothing can touch her, making her great for quick & damaging attacks. However, her moderate hitpoints leave her vulnerable to swarms or high damage units.

Magic Archer

The master of all Archers! For 4 Elixir, he has moderate health, damage and the ability to send his arrow even further than his targeting range. He can safely pierce buildings from afar, as well as multiple targets within the arrow’s linear path, and can easily clear swarms. However, tougher troops and the Fireball will easily destroy him.

Mega Knight

He lands with a BOOM, dealing massive area damage to everybody around him, then jumps to the next target in range, landing with another BOOM! If he’s not jumping, he’ll smack, with powerful melee splash damage! He has very high hitpoints for 7 Elixir, but can still be defeated by high damage units due to his slow attack.

She lands into the arena on her trusty ram, dashing to the nearest building while the rider snares and damages any nearby troops. The ram deals massive damage when it collides with the tower. Like the Hog Rider, the ram is able to jump over the river, all for 5 Elixir. Nothing will stop this inseparable duo!

Electro Wizard

POW! For just 4 Elixir, he lands with a free Zap and continues to Zap (and reset) two opponents at once or deal double damage to a single foe, making him a stunning support troop anywhere. He has moderate health, and is easily defeated by swarms and high health tanks.

Wait… where did my entire push go? For 6 Elixir, Sparky is a powerful machine with moderately high hitpoints that nukes a small area every 4 seconds, making her a juggernaut on both defense and offense. However, her very slow attack rate allows her to be easily surrounded or distracted. Also, somehow this electricity-using machine de-charges when stunned by electricity.

This portable 5 Elixir swarm brings the party anywhere in the Arena! With its timed release of an entire Skeleton Army and a few more, the Graveyard can easily overrun towers if not countered with small units or area damage, and can also act as a last-second distraction late in the game.

It rolls. It crushes. It knocks back. It’s none other than The Log. A spiked log rolls across the Arena floor, dealing moderate damage and knocking back every enemy ground unit in its path for just 2 Elixir! Recommended targets include the Princess, low health support troops, and every ground swarm. But it can’t hit air units, so don’t log Minion Horde!

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