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2017 EarthLink Review, NEF6.COM

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EarthLink Review

Upload to the Internet quickly

Uploading photos, videos, and other items to the Internet is extremely fast with EarthLink s 7 Mbps upload rate. Speeds like these are pretty uncommon among DSL Internet providers, and could make a big difference in the overall quality of your Internet, especially if uploading content is something that you do often. If this sounds appealing to you, looking more closely at EarthLink s offerings may be a smart decision.

Plans come with a free modem

When you sign up for DSL Internet from EarthLink, you get your wireless modem for free, no matter which plan you select. This is a great perk that few other companies in the industry offer. Most require you to purchase or lease this equipment for an additional fee, so by EarthLink giving this to you for free, you could be saving yourself quite a bit of money.

No credit check required

EarthLink does not require a credit check before they provide service, which is relatively uncommon among Internet providers. Though you may have no trouble going through a credit check, it is nice that EarthLink does not make you jump through this extra hoop. All you have to do is sign up, install your system, and enjoy your DSL Internet service.

The Bad

All plans require contracts

All EarthLink s DSL Internet packages include a 12-month commitment. Most Internet providers do not require any sort of contract whatsoever, so the fact that EarthLink does — and that the contracts are so long — may be extremely irritating to some customers. If you would prefer a little more freedom in your DSL Internet service, there are other companies without these restrictions that could be more appealing.

The Details

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